Hyperion Auctions

It's not often such rare historical literature should turn up, but as luck should have it, Hyperion Auctions is proud to say the authentic HMS Excellent log book will be up for sale in our next fine art and antique sale commencing on 11am August 4th 2018.


History of HMS Excellent 

Launched from the old docks of Harwich back in November 1787, captained by 'John Gell' her Majesty's ship 'Excellent' became one of the first 74-gun vessels to grace the Old British Navy's fleet. Over her time at sea, the Excellent was involved in numerous encounters including the famous battle of Cape St Vincent in 1797 and a brief fight with the 18 gun 'Arethuse'.

The Ships Log Book

Aboard the Excellent was a log book containing information about the ships movements, weather conditions, signals, orders and other revealing things such as tasks carried out by crew, disciplinary punishments given and any loss of food stores, provisions or damages to the ship. When you think about all the salty water, blood, sweat and tears from all the sailors and officers on-board, such a bound book is an extremely rare fine indeed. And rarer still is the fact Hyperion Auctions has managed to find it.
In this highly rare and unusual document all manner of ship's activity has been handwritten using feather quill and ink. You can see clearly with your own eyes that under "Remarks Thursday 14th April 1876, Commander Nelson visited the ship”. We are very proud to say this magnificent relic of British history will be featured in our fine art and antique sale on August 4th 2018.