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Hyperion Auctions welcomes Nick Lury

Hyperion Auctions in St Ives are excited and delighted to announce the arrival of veteran art dealer Nick Lury to our ranks. His prestigious Cambridge Fine Art gallery first opened its doors on the world famous Kings Parade (Cambridge) in 1971, specializing in 19th century oil painting.

His paintings now hang in pride of place on the Walls of Hyperion antiques centre at the heart of St Ives in rural Huntingdonshire along the picturesque river Ouse that is also the subject of many of the paintings in the gallery. Nick sights the band of merry artists that called St Ives home at the turn of the 20th century “as the very reason I fell in love with art” with the works of artists such as William Watt Milne, William Kay Blacklock and John Lochead and many more inspiring him to carve out a career for himself in the art world. We are sure the works will fill you with a similar inspiration.

Though many of the paintings are local to Huntingdonshire there is a variety of paintings that stretch further afield such as the violently seductive waves in the painting by Geoffrey Chatten of Gorleston Harbour at Yarmouth to the ancient lonely flatlands of the Fens that only Anthony Day could capture in such a haunting light. If Landscapes does not fill your fancy, then then we are sure one of the mesmerising portraits by the likes of Thomas Kent Pelham & Jules Trayer will seduce you in. Whatever your artistic tastes, we are sure Nick will have something to cater for it.

His Gallery Space is free to browse and serves as great food for thought and presents many pleasures for the eye. Just ponder a while and let time fly by.

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