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Cleaning Tips For Your Home - Hyperion Auctions and House Clearances

Here at Hyperion we offer a full house clearance service, whether it’s a garage you’ve been meaning to clear out since last summer or you are getting ready to move house and want to clear out all the junk you’ve collected over the years. We know how overwhelming it can be, so let us take that stress off your hands.

Whilst we are on the topic of house clearing, let's talk about Spring cleaning. While we are adding BBQs and Summer parties to our calendars as soon as the sun makes an appearance, we’re usually finishing our Spring cleaning to-do list as well and looking for the best Spring Cleaning Tips. Tidying up cupboards and organising Mrs Hinch style feels good, but there are usually a few overlooked places we’ll want to add to our cleaning plan of action before road trips and beach days take over and we will feel even better about lounging around with a cocktail in hand.

Let’s get started! We have put together a list of forgotten but important things to give that all important Spring Clean.

Air Vents and Bathroom Vents

Vents and filters are often those “out of sight” areas of your home, yet they do all the heavy lifting. They pull the airborne grease and grime from the kitchen and remove the steam from your bathroom. Without regular cleaning, dust, the dreaded mould and grime can build up and a clogged filter can cause more harm than good to you and your home over time. Pull out the filters, change and/or clean them to have them ready for the year ahead.


Rotate and clean your mattresses. The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to give your attention to a few tasks in your home that you usually put off. Rotating and cleaning your mattress may be one of them. Did you know that it is recommended that you rotate your mattress quarterly! While you’re in cleaning mode, you may as well give the place you lay your head a blitz too. Give your mattress a vacuum, flip it and rotate it.

Lights, Fans and Light Bulbs

The warmer weather is on its way so your fans will be moving air around. It’s time to make sure it’s not moving dust as well. These hard to reach places are easy to ignore. While you’re at it dust the un-noticed areas, like the tops of door frames and light fixtures.


Don’t forget the blinds! They are one of those places in the home that is a little out of site yet used everyday. If you tend to leave them open you won’t really notice the dust settling and accumulating there.

Blitz your Bins

Naturally bins get filthy, they collect and hold your rubbish. Unpleasant odours begin to linger, even after the rubbish has been taken out, spills, drips and grime get left behind. With temperatures beginning to rise and the sun shining, give your bins a thorough clean!

If you are wanting to go one step further and have a full clean up and clear out, maybe you have a room to empty, a space to declutter and transform, we can help. Here at Hyperion we have over 60 years experience in house clearances across Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today!

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