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Hyperion Auctions & Antiques - House Clearance Service Cambridgshire

The Best Way To Plan A House Clearance with Hyperion.

Unfortunately, we know that most house clearances come after a bereavement. If you have just lost a loved one, then the last thing you want to be doing is clearing their house. You will need to look through and sort decades worth of belongings, then once you have sorted through and divided up any sentimental items, you will need to work out what you are doing with the rest that is left over. Overall, house clearances can be time consuming and soul destroying; so let our expert house clearance team help you.

Hyperion auctions house clearance team - professional house clearance service in cambridgeshire

How to minimise stress during house clearance.

As experts in large clearances we know how stressful they can become without the right team and planning. Here are our top tips on how to minimise stress on your large clearance, to ensure you can cut the hassle from large clearance jobs.

  1. Plan ahead if you can - Be prepared, keep your ideal clearance date pencilled in your diary. You don’t want a last minute rush.

  2. Be ruthless - Clearances can be demanding and it’s often difficult to say goodbye to items. Be ruthless when deciding what to get rid of.

  3. Approach one room at a time - Most stress arises from trying to manage too many tasks at once. For this reason we recommend you approach the property one room at a time.

Hyperion auctions house clearance team - professional house clearance service in cambridgeshire

How can Hyperion House Clearance Service help?

When it comes to house clearance, Hyperion is here to do all of the hard work for you. We will strive to make the whole process a whole lot less stressful for you and your family. We'll also aim to provide a realistic quote for the value of your goods asap if you choose to Auction them with us. Remember, it can be easy to miss goods that may be more valuable than you think, whether that's because there are antique items or collectables.

The Hyperion Auctions house clearance team approach each clearance request in an informed and sympathetic manner and don’t rush straight into clearances. We'll gather the information and work with you to get a plan together. Our dedicated team will assess the property at no charge on site, and we offer to those who don’t live locally a guide by telephone.

We are fully equipped to deal with all sizes of clearance and pride ourselves on our fully comprehensive house clearance service. Once you know what you want to get clear out, just give us a call on 01480 464140.

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