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Clear Your Home & Create Space - Hyperion House Clearance Experts

With Spring around the corner, people across the Country are thinking about the Spring Cleaning tasks ahead; but some of you may have a bigger job than others...

At Hyperion Auctions, our house clearance team are ready and waiting to help those people who will be looking for house clearance services in Cambidgeshire this Spring.

There are many reasons you may be looking for help with clearing your house this Spring. Maybe because your relative has moved into residential care, or you need help clearing a property for a deceased relative...

Maybe the kids have moved out and you're empty nesters who are thinking of downsizing your home...

Or maybe you're moving abroad and can't take everything with you!

Whatever the reason, why not take the stress out of clearing your home by having Hyperion Auctions Full House Clearance Service do it for you?

There may be family heirlooms that you never thought much of but may actually be valuable antiques that are really worth something - let the expert valuers at Hyperion Auctions give you a sensible and honest valuation - you can even choose to enter your items into one of our regular auction sales and we'll happily do even more of the leg work for you!

hyperion auctions house clearance service cambridgeshire

At Hyperion Auctions in St. Ives Cambridgeshire, we have a friendly team who pride themselves on providing a fully comprehensive house clearance service whether it’s just a room in your house that you don't use (because it's full of stuff!) or if it's a full house clearance; we are equipped to deal with all types of house clearing jobs, big or small. Our aim is to make the process as simple as possible for yourself and your loved ones.

Our house clearing services team will assess the property (with no charge on site), and can arrange a time which is suitable for you - often responding within 24 hours of instruction with our dedicated house clearance team. If however, you are unable to be at the property in person, either because you do not live locally or are less mobile, we can provide a valuation guide by telephone. We simply require access to the property through either a solicitor, neighbour, or estate agent.

And before you think about throwing 'junk' away before we arrive - we always advise to contact us in the first instance and then we can provide a FREE VALUATION on the contents of the property before you make any decisions - the items you deem to be rubbish may be more valuable than you realise!

All saleable items can be placed into our Antiques and Interiors sale and marketed on the world's leading online sales platforms , and after the items are sold you will be provided with a full breakdown and funds will be transferred to your nominated bank.

If you're wondering how to book a house clearance assessment, at Hyperion Auctions all assessments are provided free of charge and are completed either in person or using photos or video.

Simply call our office on 01480 464140 or email to get started - we're happy to help!

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