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A Unique collection of Beswick and Royal Doulton

Our last Antiques & Interiors auction sale was host to a one-person collection of Equine related Beswick and Royal Doulton, with a strong collection of bidders both Nationally and Internationally competing to be the successful winners of a rare and unique collection.

On instruction from a local estate, our Auctioneer Lester went to go and visit a local Cambridgeshire property to assess and value a large ceramics collection that had been collected over the whole lifetime of this customer.

It is rare these days to find such a large collection of ceramics, especially with such a focus on Equine - specifically Beswick.

With lots selling from £50 – £650 for the rarer items, also consigned with this collection was one of the largest collections of Royal Doulton and Coalport figures we have ever seen; giving the average lot price a boost compared to the usual market price for these!

If you have a collection you wish to consignee to the Hyperion Auction House, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01480 464140 or contact

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