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Buy and Sell at Hyperion Auctions - Specialist Auction House in St. Ives

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

At Hyperion Auctions in St. Ives, we pride ourselves with providing customers with highly accurate auction valuations which we are able to do using our many years of experience, research and knowledge of the current times and trends.

Our team of expert valuers will take the time to explain to each customer the unpredictability of auctions, meaning that prices can, on occasion, be achieved that are far greater than the estimate we have given. Likewise, the opposite is true and your item may not sell on the day. In this scenario, you can either re-offer the lot(s) with a lower reserve in a future auction, or collect the lot(s) from us. Either way, we will be discreet and take a delicate approach in the handling of such matters. For more information about selling your valuables at auction with Hyperion Auctions please check our Sellers Guide.

Once the items from your Estate or your specialist items have arrived safely at our auction house, they will be sorted into lots, given a vendor number and finally a lot number when they are catalogued. Photographs are then taken in readiness for the catalogue to be made available before the auction. Once the auction has taken place, you will advised of the outcome of your items.

If you would like further information on our future auctions in St. Ives, please take a look at our Auction Catalogue, or check out our Buyers Guide. If you need a free valuation for your estate please contact us on 01480 464140 or email us at

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