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Hyperion Auctions St Ives 1960s Velocette Venom Motorcycle

It's been a very busy month at Hyperion Auctions in St Ives. At a recent House Clearance in Cambridge we were delighted to pick up a rare 1960's Motorcycle. The motorcycle is a Velocette Venom which is very rare. They are a British made motorcycle which was manufactured at Hall Green in Birmingham. It was factory prepared Velocette Venom that set a 24 hr world record in 1961 at a speed of 100.05 miles per hour and it was the first motorcycle to average over 100mph continuously for 24hrs and this record has not been broken by any single cylinder 500cc motorbike since then.

As you can see from the image, the motorcyle isn't in the best condition and it certainly wont be ridden anywhere for some time. But despite it's current state it still sold at auction for £2300 in this very dilapidated state. Once it's been restored it will be worth a great deal more than this and hopefully it will be enjoyed once again by it's new owner. To put this into context, we also had in the sale a Royal Enfield Motorcycle, equally in a bad state, and that only fetched £480.

Our team at Hyperion Auctions will be carrying out more house clearances in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire over the coming weeks so we will keep you posted with any other unusual items that we pick up on our travels.

If you have a house in Cambridge or the surrounding area that needs to be cleared then please get in touch with our team at Hyperion Auctions on 01480 464140.

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